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Blanket Order / Stocking Program:
RNG will stock yearly or half yearly quantities of material upon receipt of a blanket order, releasing parts as required by your production needs.

Inventory Management Programs:
RNG Fasteners will come to your business on a weekly or semi-monthly basis, review inventory, and determine what items need to be replenished.

One item or several items in a heat-sealed or stapled plastic bag identified with your company's part number and description.

Nylon Patch, Nylon Pellet.

Plating / Finishes:
Zinc, Zinc Yellow, Brass, Bronze, Black Oxide, Chrome, Antique Finishes, Nickel, Painting on screw heads or entire screw, and Color Matching.

Records are maintained for 10 years in accordance with federal specifications.

Chemical, Physical, and Mechanical certifications are available upon request.